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Polly  Saghera    :   Lyricist

Lyricist Polly Saghera says that her love affair with her writing remained absolutely private until her diary was discovered by her daughter (singer, Jasleen Aulakh).

For Polly Saghera music is an all-pervasive influence. It can inspire, instigate or instruct its listeners. It should, therefore, reflect life in its varied colours and be entertaining and also meaningful.

Through her lyrics, she would like to draw everyone’s attention to all aspects of the fabric of life — it’s joys as well as it’s problems. From dealing with issues like the problem of the girl child (more so in India) to matters of the heart, to greed and lust for money, etc. Polly talks about them all.

Jasleen  Aulakh    :   Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Music Director, Song Writer

Born with music in her very being, Jasleen is a multifascited singer who believes that music is a language that knows no barriers. From slow rock, contemporary sufi , country and folk music in several languages like Hindi, Punjabi, English and French , she sings it all while she gently strums the guitar.

Her childhood passion for music developed into a whole the very first time through her experience with musicians from the world over in Pondicherry. Her ambition is to fuse different styles of music into one.

Having been largely a ‘One Woman Band’ to begin with, Jasleen also performs with a band of talented musicians.

Working under the title of Polly and Jasleen’s music project ‘Just Ittefaaq’, Jasleen and her band perform at various venues all over India and overseas.

Those who have heard Jasleen Aulakh singing in her unique mellifluous voice, remember her soulful melodies and voice for all times to come. Her voice has a unique texture and leaves an indelible mark on the listeners mind.


Led and directed by Jasleen Aulakh, Just Ittefaaq’ is a music project/band (based in Chandigarh, India) with each musician skilled in his individual forte.

With Polly Saghera as the lyricist, ’Just Ittefaaq’ is best defined as a coincidental collaboration between a mother and daughter who inspire each other with a goal to make meaningful music without sermonising.

Predominantly inspired by folk music from different parts of India – Mainly Rajasthan, Himachal and Pujab and also some Sufi influences, the project aims to popularise folk music from the country which seems to have been given a back seat in our times.

Experimenting with different sounds by not sticking to conventional limits, the project includes various instruments like the Derbuka, djembe, cajon, xylophone, tabla, morchang/dan moi, algozey, dhadd, storm drums, Tibetan prayer bowls, etc. in their act.

Not being bound by limitations of any particular genre, the band performs anything from Contemporary Sufi and Folk music to Slow Rock and Country music in Hindi, English, Punjabi and French depending on the requirement of the occasion.

Giving precedence to originality is the USP of this project — with original lyrics written by Polly and original compositions co-composed by Polly and Jasleen, this project has gained popularity with one and all.

In order to to make the philosophy of the great Sufi poets more relatable for all, this mother daughter duo, add to the words of these great Sufi mystics , their own compositions and Polly’s lyrics.

  • Polly and Jasleen have also made a successful debut in Bollywood with their song ’Chamba’ — Polly being the lyricist and Jasleen being the Music Director and Singer of the song.

  • The songs from their debut album ’Polly’s Diary’ are available on itunes and amazon internationally.

Polly Saghera Jasleen Aulakh JUST ITTEFAAQ
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